Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wow its Been a Long Time!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Its been a little busy with everything going on, I hardly ever have time to get on. But I will update soon with pics.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


April 1st was Jeep Pose Days for the Sanpete County Search and Rescue. Since my brother was part of the S&R for 10 years we decided to see how many donations we could receive in memory of Shane. So we all dressed up in out S&R "Get Lost" shirts. My mom even wore a shirt too!

Us girls all dressed up. Shannon couldn't be there to participate.
Us posing! Gotta love Cody's pose.
On the way to the radio station to take the donations.
Easter this year just wasn't the same without Shane. However, we still did have our Easter party with dinner and an Easter egg hunt. Gage and Sheena weren't there, they were at the sand dunes. All the other kids were there and got to have fun with the egg hunt and playing with eachother afterwards.

I love this picture! My mom looks so happy, even happier than the kids!

Friday, March 11, 2011

New Car!

On March 5th, Saturday, Cody said, "Let's go test drive cars..." We've been talking about buying a vehicle for a really long time now so I thought why not? At least we could get an idea of what we want. We talked about it several times in the past few months and said we didn't want to buy over so much and only could afford this much in monthly payments. We walked into Ken Garff Nissan in Orem knowing we were getting a used car since we didn't think we could afford new, and walked out with a brand new 2011 Nissan Rogue!

Isn't she a beauty!I love the spoiler on the back! Its so cute!
Cody bought me this sticker forever ago. I was so excited to finally put it on our new car! Now everyone knows its me!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weight loss, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & My Amazing Brother

Sorry I haven't posted for so long. Things have been going on and it seems life is passing me by. So just a recap of what has happened since last June. First off, I worked my tail off from June to December to get to my goal weight. On December 1 I managed to hurt my back and now am unable to do much in the ways of exercising since I have a herinated disc and my siatic nerve is killing me. It has been very hard on me to not be active like I have been the past year.

Thanksgiving with the family was great and helped remind me how important everyone is to me.

Just before Christmas we took a trip to Temple Square to see the lights. It was a great date night for me and Cody. I love that being something we try to do every year.

About a week Christmas we decided to spoil ourselves and bought new couches!!! We've had the same low rider hand-me-down 1970's couches since we were married. We had some extra cash and decided to put it to good use and make our house a home. We absolutely love them!!!! And Vinnie loves them too! We used to never ever spend time in our family room because our couches were so uncomfortable before. Now every chance we get we're down in the family room.

Christmas was great, my parents loved their gifts we had made them. I made my book called "I Love Grandpa Because..." and all the grandkids explained what their favorite things about grandpa were with tons of pictures of him and the kids. For my mom, I scanned all the pictures of our first Spain trip and made it like a journal so she knew the days we were there and the names of all the places we visited.

On New Year's Eve we had a tragedy happen in our family, we lost my amazing brother Shane. It has been a rough thing to get through for all of us. Every day I miss him and think about him so much. I have never noticed how much love could come from such a sad thing. Here are some of the pictures of him and from his funeral that we took.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Little Getaway!

Last week was our relaxing week off! It was so nice, I'm sad its already over. We both took the entire week off and we really did need it. Here are some of my pics from the time we had off. We're really bad at remembering to take pics sometimes, but at least we took a few.
This is us just before we left the hotel room for Garth Brooks, it wasn't the first thing that happened that week but its my favorite pic!

For our anniversary, Cody had some surprises in store for me. We woke up, went on a hike to some hot springs (which we forgot the camera for, oops), went home and got ready, went to Trafalga to play like kids for a few hours, and then to dinner to get sushi, our favorite!!!!! It was so much fun and he did a great job at surprising me! He even had them advertise it was our anniversary!

Cody in the batting cages.

Me pretending I know what I'm doing.

This was our hotel room in Vegas at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club. It was so nice!

We had a little elephant friend on our bed!

This is me all ready to go to see Garth!

Cody looks so cute in his "cowboy clothes"!

This is the drive home, sad but ready to go and see Vinnie!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cody's Birthday and Camping Trip

Friday was Cody's birthday! He turned 24 and I am so big on birthdays, but to him it's just another day. I had to wake up to get my last morning of cadio workouts done, but I got up even earlier to make him some waffles. I took him his breakfast in bed then I made him open his presents. I got him two shirts and told him that was it, even though it wasn't. We both had to work that day which sucked but what do ya do.

After I got off, I came home, got my workout done, packed, got ready, and we headed out for a camping trip up Nebo Creek for memorial weekend. It took forever to get there it seemed like, but it was probably just cuz I wanted to get to my mom's where the whole fam was waiting to have pizza and chocolate cheesecake (per Cody's request).

When we got there the final gift me and my mom got Cody was sitting by the front door all wrapped up. It was a guitar case that he wanted!!!! Then we had dinner and stuck around to chat with the fam for a while. When it started to get dark we headed back up to the mountain.

It was pretty chilly Friday night, but I survived. Saturday was fun because we got to do what we wanted and relax. Shaelie and Aaron came up and visited for the day, it was fun to hang out since we never hardly see them. Saturday night we sat around the fire waiting for our dinners to cook. Then we watched movies in our camper and went to sleep with the heater on this time. Sunday we woke up and loaded up to come home. It was a good relaxing camping trip to start the summer off.

This is Cody opening his guitar case.

By the smile I think he likes it:)

Us on Saturday morning before our walk with Vinnie

He's a sweetheart

This is our little camper we got for $500. Its pretty ugly on the outside, but the inside is nice.

Cody was cooking breakfast for us on Saturday morning. Nothing's better than eggs, bacon, and toast in the mountains.

Vinnie loves to go camping cuz that means he gets to get super dirty and go exploring!!!!

This is the cute little cushions Cody sewed for us. They are so much nicer than the ones that were on there before.

When we went for our walk it was so pretty. This is what it looks like up there.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter with the Family

This year for Easter we spent it at my parents' house. Of course there was the usual big easter egg hunt for all the kids. Me, Cody, and my mom were in charge of filling the eggs with treats and hiding them all around the yard. We had a big family dinner that everyone enjoyed.

This is us having fun with all the kids. Cody looks so cute in this pic.This is my sister Shelly, Jon, Hallie, Lane, and Cole.
This is my brother Shane, Gage, and Ricky. Gracie jumped in the pic.
This is my sister Shannon, Brian, James, and Kate. For some reason my pic of Sheena and Gracie didn't work :(
This is Gage and Gracie
Lookin' for eggs.
Cole was having fun!
Katie wouldn't pick up any "boy" eggs, she only wanted "girl" eggs.
Ricky and James were the more agressive ones this year.
Hallie is getting so tall!
Grandp's and all the kids
He loves being with all his little ones.